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Dear friends!

On the department of the computerized electrotechnical systems and technologies all terms are created for the high-quality teaching of students, and also for comprehensive development of their creative capabilities. The valuable use of such possibilities will allow future specialists to prove in any collective, both in Ukraine and in other countries of the world. Successes to you future engineers!

With kind regards, head of department, Honoured metrologist of Ukraine, Doctor of Technics, professor
Kvasnikov Vladimir Pavlovich

   (044)-406-71-58     E-mail Kvasnikov Vladimir Pavlovich - mail :

Kvasnikov Vladimir Pavlovich


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  General information about the department of the computerized electrotechnical systems and technologies

Area of knowledge - 0507 Electromechanics
Major - 0507.01 Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnology
teaching forms Full-time, tuition by correspondence

A department of the computerized electrotechnical systems and technologies is leading in areas of specialists training in area of the newest technologies of energy, distribution and transporting of electric power, photoelectric engineering, transporting of laser and other radiation for informative and power necessities, and also on technologies of creation of the light fields of different purpose. A department train specialists which can correctly to exploit the adopted technologies and also independently to create new technological decisions. The specialists of our type can work practically in all spheres of economy. Except for it, at train of specialists, a department spares the special attention to the on-board power systems of modern airships, and also to the power and photoelectric systems of aerodrome infrastructure. Such feature of train allows our graduating students to feel professionally and confidently in such responsible and technologically difficult industry as an aviation.

With the purpose of providing of high qualification of future specialists in area of electrical engineering, power engineering and photoelectric engineering specialists the branch of department is created at Division of the hybrid simulative and controlling systems in energetics of simulative problems in energetics of . Puchovs institute to National Academy of sciences of Ukraine. The branch of department is included in the structure of institute of the newest technologies of NAU. The task of department branch is organization and realization of students scientific research, realization of methodical and scientific seminars on application of modern software of controlling tasks and simulation, at creation of virtual informatively - measuring laboratories.

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  Historical help on the department of the computerized electrotechnical systems and technologies

Our department history begins from 1956, from the moment of one expansion of faculties, namely electrical engineering faculty of Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation by name of. . . Voroshilov (as the present National Aviation University was then named).

The first Head of our department was an associate professo Leo Gornovsky (1956). In a year a department was led by an academician, professor George Puchov (1957-1962). At different times our department was headed by such prominent scientists as: professors Adolf Naumov (1957), Arcadiy Orlovsky (1962-1966), Boris Siniztyn (1968-1986), Anatoliy Kudinenko (1986-2000), Alexander Zelenkov (2000), and also associate professor Anatoliy Levin (1966-1968). In 2000 a department opens new speciality of "Lighting Engineering and Illuminators" and changes the name on "Department of the Electrical Engineering and Lightning technology". Department heading is laid on the corresponding member of Ukraine NS, professor Vsevolod Vasiliev.

All department Heads and each individually devoted much attention to forming of department staff, its scientific potential, and also expansion of pedagogical experience and skill of research workers.

In connection with reorganization of NAU Institutes in 2014 the department of "Electrical Engineering and Lightning technology" and "Information Technologies" were joined in the new department of "Computerized electrotechnical systems and technologies". Department heading is laid on the doctor of technics, professor Kvasnikov Vladimir Pavlovich, which heads our department and now.

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  Department of the computerized electrotechnical systems and technologies today

Today our department not only saves the inherited traditions and achievements but also aspire comprehensively to develop them. Presently, the indicated has a next kind:

  Graduate course (doctoral candidacy):
  • Electrical engineerings systems and complexes
  • Mathematical simulation and calculable methods
  Directions of scientific researches:
  • Mathematical and computer simulation of dynamic systems (including the problems of fractional dynamics)
  • Operating methods of researches of transients of approximation type
  • Methods of the optimal constructing of Lighting devices and systems
  • Reliability of the fail-safe computer systems and their software
  • Research and improvement of aviation electric machines and electromechanics and optimization of their operating descriptions
  • Surface visual aeronautical backer-ups of flights on the air fields of civil aviation and air forces. Lighting systems of the air fields : design; modernization; determinations, settings of norms and providing of reliability; control and prognostications of the technical state of elements of the Lighting systems of the air fields; technical examination of Lighting equipment; certification of Lighting equipment and Lighting systems of the air fields
  • Technologies of programming and development of the systems of computer-aided design are in an electroenergy and lightning technology
  • Calculation of the electromagnetic fields with the purpose of improvement of operating descriptions of electric machines
  • Control of the technical state of electric machines and electrical equipment
  • Laser technique, spectroscopy of crystals, design of light devices on the basis of light-emitting diodes
  • Diagnostics of the technical state of aviation pipelines on the basis of acoustic methods in the process of exploitation
  Conferences and seminars:
  • International scientific and technical conference "Simulation in an electrical engineer, Electronics and Lightning technology" (Organizers: Department of education and science of Ukraine, National Academy of sciences of Ukraine, International Academy of informatization (Ukrainian Regional Branch), (Department of CEST IIDS NAU, Branch of the hybrid simulative and controlling systems in power engineering of . Puchovs of Ukraine NAS, Institute of Mathematical Simulation of "Fraksim", Consortium of "Informatio") the Honoured Chairman of Programmatic Committee is an Academician of RAS Demirchjan .S., co-chairmans of programmatic committee is c. of Ukraine NAS of Stogniy B.S., corresponding member of NAS Vasiliev V. V. Next 5-th conference will take place on Octobers, 2-4 of 2014.
  • Scientific seminar: "Mathematical and computer simulation of processes and systems", the Scientific leader is a corresponding member of NAS Vasiliev V. V. (Jointly with Branch of PIMEE of Ukraine NAS).
    Scientific connections:
  • Branch of department in PIMEE of Ukraine NAS.
  • Moscow Institute of the Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (IREE is a technical university)
  • Taganrog technological institute (South Federal University of Russian Federation)
  • Institute of physics of Ukraine NS

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  Pin information

  Address of department:

    UKRAINE, 03058, yiv - 58,
    avenue Cosmonaut Komarov 1,
    NAU, IIDS, building 11, aud. 402
    Department of the Computerized
    electrotechnical systems
    and technologies (CEST)

Phone . Secretary of department
+38 (044) 406-71-58
Department E-mail mail: Department

Department CEST
  2014, IIDS, NAU, Kiev, UKRAINE
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