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Specialties and specializations
Department of Computerized Electrotechnical Systems and Technologies

Area of Knowledge  
Electrical engineering and electrotechnology

By a subject and objects of study of profile area 0507.01 there are the different systems of electroenergy and lightning technology, control system for all kinds technological, transport, social and other objects. Within the bounds of area the methods of development, planning, production and maintenance of such systems are studied. The specialists of this type have the wide employment opportunity practically on any enterprise, in a project or scientific center.

Electrotechnical systems of power consumption

Specialization: "Electrical Equipment and Lighting Technology systems of airports"

By the objects of study of specialization 050701.03 there are the electrotechnical systems for transporting and distribution of electric power both in industry and oriented to the on-board equipment. In addition, all types of automatic and automated control and control systems composed of the adopted systems are studied.

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At training of such specialists extremely important is:

  • deep theoretical schooling in basic and special disciplines;
  • possibility in the practical activity to use the newest scientific technologies of planning : mass production, certification, exploitation and repair of electroenergy and lighting technology systems of airports, industrial and agricultural enterprises;
  • general technical and economic training.

Lighting Engineering and Light sources

Specialization: "Computer design of the lighting technology systems"

Determined the objects of study of specialization :

  • Computer-aided design of illumination of public and industrial objects, objects of architecture, tourism, business, show business and sporting building design.
  • Creation of the distributed, computer-assisted systems for software-digital controlling by light sources both for the adopted higher objects and for airfield lighting technology complexes.

Specialization: "Fiber-optic systems"

Objects of specialization study are:

  • Network equipment for a new generation of local and global information networks (terrestrial, computer, etc.).
  • High-speed lines in telecommunication systems and networks.
  • Modern channels of laser radiation transmission.
  • Channels of modern lamplight.

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Department CEST
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